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-Dear 2018 viewers and onward,
For those reading this for the first time please note that  I have not had the time to update this page for a long time because I've been reallyyyy busy. So.... until I DO get around to it....don't take everything to much to heart here. Hahaha! 
Hello there!
And welcome to my blog/online life journal!
  To start I will tell you a bit about myself simply to amuse you.......(;

  1. I enjoy cooking (if it is a simple and fast recipe) lol
  2. I love horses and have been riding off and on almost all my life.  
  3. Fashion is one of my newest and most wild obsessions! 
  4. I L O V E photography! (Definitely something I will be doing the rest of my life) 
  5. I am extremely sentimental (But I am NOT a hoarder!)
  6. I love anything vintage! (Love the idea of the item existing decades before I was even born) 
  7.  I love to draw...but it truly depends on the day! (Sometimes I can REALLY draw..and others? ....Not so much.
  8. I'm an animal lover and can not handle killing even the ugliest of mice....(Guess I watched to many Beatrix Potter cartoons! 
  9. And referring to the above statement no I am not a vegetarian...I can gobble down  a burger with the best of them! What would I do without my favorite Chick-Fil-a Chicken biscuit?!?!?
  10.  I love my friends. Though most of my closest friends don't live anywhere near me....):
  11. I love the "idea" of being fit....but I have a terrible time staying consistent with my workout! 
  12. My two favorite foods are cereal (God bless that wonderful someone who made the first bowl of cereal) And Ice Cream!
  13. I like coffee but  it gives me a headache so I'd rather have ice cream or a smoothie! (; (Just Saying)
  14.  I'm not a chocoholic but if you hand it to me I will probably eat it.
  15. Family is everything to me! I am the eldest of 9 children. 
  16. I love styling hair and some might say I am quite good at it now. ( though I burned quite a few lovely locks of hair while learning) 
  17. I am queen perfectionist...but this is something I have truly worked hard on to overcome. Life wouldn't be normal if everything was perfect right?
  18. And you know how I mentioned how I enjoy hair styling and fashion?...Well you may as well add makeup to that list. LOL 


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