Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meadowbrook Dog Show

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and the the children were all romping about on the lawn with their chosen canines on leashes (some homemade for lack of collars) when I had an idea. Why not have a dog show!!?!?! I already had the camera in hand and was searching for something to photograph so this was the perfect opportunity! In minutes we quickly set up some obstacles and set the show in motion.

Here were our entries: A tall blonde girl, proudly standing with her sleek, handsome German Shepard  (Totally "FOR THE WIN") and a slightly younger girl - with little curls pulled loosely into a ponytail - holding tightly to the overly large leash that was attached to her little brown dog who seemed more intent on sleeping then doing her best performance. 

The blonde began the show by parading beside her handsome canine toward the jumps with gusto....

While the little girl and her brown dog seemed to have a bit of trouble communicating as to which was the better idea, watching or competing!

After a moment we were struck with the bright idea of "treats" to coax the dogs through the obstacle courses. and as you can see, it worked beautifully! Suddenly the dogs were MORE then attentive and we even had an innocent bystander (who had no handler) join the show!

Look at that form! And just look at the serious face! I would give that a score of "7"!

Woohoo! He cleared that jump with half a foot to spare! I would give that an "8" for sure! 

Awwwwh, Savannah getting herself some puppy love. 

But then, against all odds the German Shepard shocked all those in attendance by going "off leash"!!!!! Wow! 

And there he goes, soaring effortlessly over the jump!  The German Shepard wins! Wow, what a show! First place to the German Shepard and his beautiful blonde owner! 

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