Friday, March 13, 2015

I turned 18! (Holiday Happenings in Review) me! Hahaha

Chase and myself before the party.

Just a little taste before everyone arrives.

My best friend for life. She's the best sister/BFF I could have ever asked for. 

The above picture was the result of much of this Its hard to get the camera to work when Papa is using it. Lol
I love this picture of us with Papa. Tugs at my heart strings in so many ways. 

Haha! Someone is anxious for the party to begin and to get herself some cake. 
Best buddies and mortal depends on the moment. Haha. Blake (3) and Cole (1).

"What in the world, Blake?" 


Chase and Blake, partners in crime. 

Wheww, look at those muscles! Sure makes a body feel safe around here. 

And now starts the beginning of the series I call...The Many Faces Of Emelie. Pic one. But I have a good excuse for this one...I was talking to Cole and that demands a lot of animation. 

Cole lovingly helped me open many of my presents this year. Since this year he experiences his very first Christmas he was officially taught how to open his own presents ..and he hasn't stopped. He gets so excited to see what is underneath the paper he won't even look at the camera! 

Love my baby brother so much. He is such a little character! 

Little brothers are the greatest......the majority of the time. heehee jk

The Many Faces of Emelie: Pic Two.  Lol!

I was so excited about this shirt! It is the perfect shade of red and so sparkly! Definitely a new favorite! 

The Many Faces Of Emelie: Pic Three. 

I truly wish I knew what was so funny?

Mmmmmm another birthday favorite! Thanks Mama and Papa.

Love them so much.

Blake and Aunt Beverly

Mmmmmm, I can just taste those juicy blueberries and fresh lemon all over again just looking at this picture! Yum, Yum did I ever tell you guys about my birthday cake?  *sigh* You guys have got to try it some time! I'll attach a link to the recipe HERE. And I agreed and still agree whole heartedly with Sally, that this cake is and was the best bit of sunshine I have tried this winter! Love, love,  love it! 

Haha,  the candles reflected off the camera and made little hearts! How cute! 

My beautiful Mama

This is a funny little tradition the younger ones enjoy doing every time a birthday comes around..they collect all the candles they can and stick them in their own slice of cake, relight them and blow them out repeatedly! Lol. They find so much joy in doing this! Me? I'm over there digging into my cake by this time. 

I was so surprised with this you can probably tell! Thank you Uncle Toby and Aunt Beverly,
It is one of my favorite necklaces now! 

Cutie Patootie resting in Papa's arms.

Her smile is absolutely contagious. (but hard to capture on film)
Aunt Beverly took a bunch of pictures from a different angle and from a different side of the room so you guys can get a better perspective.....and I'm so grateful to her for that! Is she awesome or what?!?
Lighting the cake! 

Blake made sure he had a hefty piece. lol

Opening a surprise gift! 

For those wondering, my birthday was back in December. Thus the Christmas tree in the background. I have been so behind in picture sorting that I am just finally getting around to my birthday pictures.

photo creds: Marissa

P.S  This post is the first of many to come this weekend that I have finally organized and captioned from the (sort of recent) holidays. 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful party! Hope you are enjoying a delightful year! God bless!


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