Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Daroby Evening in the Backyard.

For the James Harriott fans out there I'm sure your heart skipped a beat when you heard the title. Much as mine did when I walked out into our Daroby world outside my backdoor yesterday. The mist was spectacular, but the sun created just enough of a glow that I got to take a bunch of great pictures! While we were outside we heard Cole calling from the back porch as he watched us romping about as he peered through the screened in back door.  Marissa went and got him and out he toddled, just as fast as his little legs could go.  He was so happy to get out of the house, after so much snow and ice. It was a welcomed change to all of us.

He tripped over a stick as he was coming out to the backyard so Marissa rolled up his pants into little knickerbockers and we all nearly died of cuteness! He was too cute!!!! 

Of course he had to have a chat with his little friend, Macie, in the calf pen. 

He carried this little stick in his hands the entire time he was outside! I guess he thought it was perhaps an extra measure of protection in case Maverick came by and tried to give him anymore doggy kisses. 

"Here, Macie! Here, Macie!" 

Doesn't this whole picture remind you of a scene from the James Harriot series of books? 

Waiting for Macy to return to his side of the pen. 

I have to say this is almost the exact face he gives when we ask if he wants to go outside! Lol!  He would be outside 24/7 if we let him and woe to the person who has to bring him in again! Oh ho, real tears and everything! He just literally crumples in tears! Sweet thing. 

Savannah, showing him the interior of the barn. 

Kisses for Macie! 

His very own little ride! Haha! 

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