Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thrift Store Findings

Just this month we discovered a new Thrift Store - nearer our home then others we frequent more often and a little off the beaten path - but was overflowing with treasures!  Note to fellow treasure seekers: Find Thrift Stores that are not frequented as much, muster up the courage, and get your hands dirty. You will be amazed at what you find! Some have trends of a certain quality item they sell. For instance, one Thrift Store in our hometown always has a very good selection of clothes, jeans etc. for resale, while another furniture or books. You get the idea. Well this particular one was having a sale on books at the time we decided to drop in. An "All books 25-cents" kind of sale! I was so excited and decided to thoroughly scan the shelves for anything that might strike my fancy! I walked away with a total of 5 books in all! But what is funny is that my books are not the normal kind most would find interesting. Yet I found them extremely so! 
Here are three of the 5 I bought that day.  
Among the purchased books was a 1970 College Year Book, An Old English Cookbook, and an original Fox and the Hound comic book! 

 I bought the yearbook originally intending to cut pictures out of it for crafts. But on looking more closely, I found the book so interesting I just could not think of cutting it up! So it is now used as a costume reference book when we feel the need to dress up like the 70's. What better reference than seeing real life people from "back in the day" wearing the styles!?!? So much better then Google! *wink* This particular book told a story though.  There were so many notes in the back of the book to the graduate that owned this book! Apparently this girl was quite a sweet and caring girl. It was fun to go searching through the book to find out what the girl looked like. 

I found her! Miss Sarah Hester pictured above, beside her sister Carolyn. I must say though that we have gotten many a good laugh out of some of the facial expressions in the book! Take for instance, the very first picture on the page, top, far left. (I started laughing all over again just typing this and glancing at the picture again!) It is as if the flash went off before he was ready, resulting in a startled looking smile...or something. I'm not sure.  We also invented MANY a game with this book, but that is another story for another day. 

The inside of this book is simply delightful. Exactly like the movie and in such bright colors too! The younger ones beg for me to read it to them often since it's not a family book and is kept in my room. It has became quite a special treat. Right up there with The Happy Hollisters! 

I adore the English cookbook simply for its amazing pictures! How awesome is this picture?!?!?!? ( I retyped the caption below so you could read it) 

Mrs. Richard Jones (second from right) carries on a family tradition in her Shropshire shop, were she and her staff sell meats, puddings and pies. Displayed in the window, below hanging hams, is a selection of pork pies and black puddings.

Besides the books I also found myself a Polaroid! Sadly, I won't be able to use it since the film you need for this particular model is no longer manufactured and, therefore, is rare and expensive. LOL Oh well, you live and learn they say. Sooooo I'm still in the market for a polaroid that uses paper that's not extinct. Hahaha! It's neat to look at though. 

These are actually not a "Thrift Store" find....they were found in an upscale, resale clothing store. But I had to add them just the same. Are they cute or what?!?!?!!?? Perfect bit of color to brighten up an outfit during this dreary winter! *sigh* 

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