Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowed In. (Part One)

We got a total of nine inches of snow yesterday and if you happen to live in Bama, you know what that means! Everything shuts down, all roads are closed, no one goes anywhere and you are basically snowed in until the snow melts! It started snowing around late afternoon yesterday.... and never stopped! After a couple hours, all roads were deemed impassable. We lost power for about three to four hours after dark but managed fine, thanks to Papa's survival skills, the warm crackling fire, oil lamps and a good book read aloud to everyone gathered in the living room. We were comfy cozy! Then right about the time we all went to bed (most everyone slept in the living room near the fire) the power came back on! We were jumping up and down with joy! (No kidding!) When we woke up the next morning and looked out it was nothing short of a winter wonderland! Out the door we ran, just as soon as we could get our boots and hats on. It is now, about two hours after lunch and we are all happily cuddled up on the couches, munching on warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies and watching Andy Griffith. I would say we are pretty well off snowed in. Btw...Blake is thoroughly enjoying his "Ham Hackers". (graham crackers)

L-R Savannah (5), Jessica (10), Chase (7), Myself (18), and Allison (11).

Dotty loved being carried around in our jackets while we were outside. 

This was also Cole's first snow! He absolutely loved it! He could hardly move....but he loved it! 

One year old Cole. 

Papa and Cole.

*Sigh*  Isn't it just beautiful? 

One of my personal favorite views. The cottage looked like something out of a Fairytale Story. 



Building a Snowman! 

Allison and Savannah.

Link to part two HERE.  Have a great week! 

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  1. Such beautiful pictures, Emelie! My favorites are the kitty pictures, and the cottage one. The picture of the cottage looks like it should be on the front of a magazine somewhere. :-)

    I must say, though...your level of enjoyment matches ours about three months ago. Snow is now viewed with groans around here. :-)


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