Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Savannah Kate - Inside Edition -

This little cutie is a photographer's dream. I'm talking crazy photogenic and full of suggestions kind of dream! She asks me often "Can you take some pictures of me in this cute outfit today?" or "Do you want to do a photo-shoot of me?" Haha, it's so cute and I love it! This time, though, it was my idea because I had recently gotten a ton of new fashion and photography ideas from Pinterest and a couple new blogs I follow, so of course I just had to try them out. She came waltzing into the dining room all dressed up and I casually asked her "You want to do a photo-shoot outside in a minute?" I'm telling you she went from ground zero to cloud 9 in seconds! Literally bouncing up and down asking how soon we could start and what I wanted her to wear. So off we trooped into her room and dug through her wardrobe, pulling out tights, shoes, skirts...ect, but couldn't find anything that suited the purpose so we trooped on over to MY wardrobe and selected a few items that fit the bill exactly.  She was ecstatic! Can you guess which items are mine and which are hers?
Mama's favorite.
Btw, I am thanking my lucky stars I serve a God who heals illnesses quickly and accurately.  I woke up a few days ago with severely agitated and swollen gums.  I'm talking major ouchy! LOL 

However, what was weird was that only the top right side and bottom left were infected! I won't go into details or anything, but let's just say I was sitting around the house in a lot of pain, talking as little as possible, and not eating anything but apple sauce (and very little at that).

Thanks to my wonderful parents, I was filled full of vitamins and "natural antibiotics" very quickly and was feeling much better towards the end of the day. I must say that lemon juice applied directly on the gums helps numb the pain a bit. 

The point of the story is that while still in pain and discomfort, I remembered hearing someone talk about the value of thanking God for everything, whether it be good or bad. And I have to tell you, it was hard! But I did it.  I thanked God for what I was going through and then went on with my day. Which was not much, since I dealt with the pain by shutting down and eventually going to sleep.  I didn't do much the rest of the day. But I was still thankful - grouchy sometimes, and miserable, but thankful. 

Gotta love the radiant look on her face. She was having a blast! 
And I'm not telling this story to hold anything over someone's head, I'm telling you this to perhaps be an encouragement to you. You see, after that day and a restful night of sleep (complete with a good dream) I felt so much better and was literally starving! I dug into breakfast and boy was I thankful! You see, what I discovered was that when you thank God for the "not so pleasant" things you remember to thank him for the "wonderful, pleasant things" a lot more! And boy, was I offering up a HUGE thank you! I found that when you are genuinely thankful about the unpleasant things you can count on easily being genuinely thankful for the good things in life! 

She looks like such a little doll, you guys! 
This may not seem like a big deal to some, but this is HUGE for me! Oh, and did you know that true thankfulness in our lives is a major anti-depressant? And it's natural! *wink* You won't believe how much there is out there to be thankful for! You guys, this is a big deal! 

Another quick tid-bit that I love is that before breakfast (every morning that Papa is not there due to work) one of my little brothers -either Blake or Chase- will give thanks before we eat, and boy is it an eye opener! They don't do the age old "Thank you for our food and bless it to our bodies, amen" type of prayer. (Though that is perfectly "ok") No, they say something along the lines of "Thank you Lord for eyes, teeth, my bed, lights, warm covers, teeth, honey, Mama, my green tractor, a roof over our heads, chicken, chairs......and my family, amen". Now some may think this hilarious, but when you think about it those prayers are extra special.   These little boys are not thanking God for the same old same old. They are truly thinking through things they really enjoy and are thankful for! And that is truly inspiring. Everything we own has been given to us by God, but do we truly, genuinely thank Him for it? Sadly, I think we don't even let it cross our minds! But that is what I am working on this month, to truly thank God for everything he has put into my life. and you know what? I'm ten times happier then I have ever been already!

Have a wonderful day!

-Emelie Claire

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  1. What a sweet testimony, Emelie! Thank you for sharing; this is such a great reminder to us all. Everyone needs their "thankfulness batteries" recharged on a regular basis. :-)

    Savannah is adorable! My favorite picture is the one where she is sitting on the side of the bed -- I like your Mama's favorite picture an awful lot too. Those boots are great!

    Thanks for posting!

    Love you ~


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