Friday, February 13, 2015

Jessica Anne

I realized just this week that I have been taking a lot of pictures of the younger three, but none of the older girls (and boy)! So I set about to schedule a photo-shoot early Friday morning for Jessie. Of course she was really excited and finished her work in record time so that she could start as soon as possible. It was so cute. And then of course we raided my closet again to find the perfect outfit for her. I found that my clothes (when modified) work perfectly for photo-shoots with the younger girls! Especially since I tend to have more "Boho" clothes then they have at this time in history.  

She dipped and twirled and swirled around for the camera for at least an hour in the greatest of glee.

She (like the rest) is quite photogenic. And absolutely adorable.
Mama's favorite. <3

Look at those eyes! Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! 

There shines the radiant smile.

Btw, keep your eye out for another "Jessie Post" coming soon regarding learning to bake and how interesting "that" adventure turned out. Hahaha! Oh dear.......

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