Thursday, January 22, 2015

January Musings.

These days have recently been filled with lots of new projects. Because, after all, who doesn't start a bunch of projects at the beginning of the new year? But hey, I'm actually getting things done this time, guys! My most recent, though, has been redecorating our living room. Sounds really big, but it really isn't. We recently had a warm spell for a few days this week and it was a welcomed breath of fresh air! (Literally) I aired out the main part of the house and scrubbed down the entire living room/dining room. Something Mama whole heartily approved of. *grin*

After seeing everything so clean and shiny I decided to decorate as well. There is just something about a clean house that makes one want to decorate. Since we still live in the bigger cottage on Meadowbrook farm I decided to go Shabby Chic. My biggest inspiration was dear Mrs. Holden's home (Link to her blog) as well as her daughter Lydia's. They have the greatest home decor!  I don't think she has a post sincerely dedicated to her home decor but she does have the most adorable IG account ever that lets you see little sneak peaks of her home in the background of pictures. Her home and Pinterest were my biggest guides.  So it was out to the barn first chance I had for some vintage pieces.

When we first moved in we replaced all the old windows with new....but kept all the old ones for later projects! This was perfect because that was exactly what I needed! I used one frame (without glass) to create a larger frame around an already smaller framed photo that was on the wall. And then used another small frame (with glass intact) as an anchor on the mantle. The mantle btw has been the biggest challenge! Whew, anyone else tried decorating an old, closed in fireplace with a big ugly frame around it? It's not easy! Here is a photo I took right after I hung the first frame. (the mantle was still a work in progress..thus I tried not to focus on it) LOL. The whole room is still under major construction but I thought I would share my fun week with you anyway.

All the pictures in this post were taken from my IG account. I have been trying to improve my picture taking ability on all devices recently and I finally felt "ok" with posting a few on here. *wink*

Have a great day everyone! (I will hopefully be posting close ups of my wall art projects very soon!)

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  1. Awesome to see a post again! The house looks nice, and I enjoyed your photos.


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