Thursday, November 20, 2014

Making dolls

***** This was before the new camera so all pictures were taken with my Mama's DROID RAZR******

Did I ever tell you guys about my obsession with doll making?!?!? It is one of my many, many favorite things to do in the world! It all started one day - about 2-3 years ago - when I went online and searched for a realistic looking doll that was within my price range that would possibly replace the treasured keepsake doll I had lost several years prior. The loss was due to an accident that caused her - the doll's name was Abby - to fall off the top bunk in our room and break into a thousand pieces on the floor below. Well I could't find anything that half resembled her anywhere online....I even tried finding the exact doll! But apparently whatever company made and sold her in the gas station all those years ago (to a little 6-year-old girl whose dreams came true that day) vanished into thin I decided to substitute. I had found a brand of doll I liked very much called Apple Valley.  Long story short you can order and make your own dolls if you became a dealer. so of course I wanted to become one....I was fast falling in love with these dolls! So I signed up and started saving my money for my first order. Finally, after a few months I had enough to buy several dolls (enabling me to receive a large discount) So I pre-designed my dolls, from their body type, facial expression, eye color, arms and legs and their wigs!  Finally I placed my order and then came  the wait. Boy was it hard! But they finally all arrived in a big brown box.  I was so excited I opened the box (which was half as big as me) in the car!...just so I could get a look at the sweet faces inside. When we got home I cleared the entire dining room and opened EVERYTHING! Now in the package were 5 dolls. One special one for myself, one for my Mom, One to possibly sell and then two for my Grandma which she had purchased along with mine to give to two of my little cousins from separate families. (these dolls were identical twins) 

Before the whirlwind! 

Unveiling the contanse of the box! 

My special doll! (the reason for the Bunny label is that was the type of body I has specified for her)

Stuffing the body! (It was so much fun!)

The finished doll awaiting her wig! (notice the crowd of cute bystanders watching the process)

Glue is on and the wig is being pulled into place. 

Letting the glue dry. I didn't want any bubbles in the wig so I held it firmly in place until the glue had almost completely dried. 

Almost done with "The Twins"! By now Marissa was happily helping me. 

It looks like I am cutting off remaining ends of the ties that hold the arm to the body and Marissa
is styling the other doll's wig. 

Jessica,  admiring the finished product! 

Making sure all the limbs are facing the right direction. LOL (I made the mistake once of putting an arm on backward)

And then they were all put on the shelf to let their wigs dry completely. 

The Twins
And my little three. L-R Mama's doll Kathryne, My doll Inga (short for Ingeborg, a fictional character I was reading at the time that I adored....and still do in fact! (LINK HERE) And then Penny who later had major wig issues and has since been known as Caleb. (due to the fact that the only wig I had left was a boys short, blonde wig.) 
Just for fun I would love to hear what your favorite doll is in the comments below! Who do you relate to best? Would you switch one of their wigs? What special characteristics would you consider a MUST HAVE when creating your own doll?

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