Sunday, November 23, 2014

In loving memory of April.

Look who joined the barnyard family!

Meet April,
A seven month old Guernsey who 
needed a little love and special care after injuring her right hind thigh while out in the pasture with her mama and the rest of the herd. So, of course, who does Mr Jones call? You guessed it! His favorite country girl, Marissa! (He doesn't trust just anybody with his babies.) 

Marissa and Lydia

Corky doesn't know what to think of the new addition to the barn. Heehee                                            (You can definitely tell which leg is injured in this picture. It was still pretty swollen in this picture) 

Jessica was eating pringles and apparently Lydia was going to to make sure she got some too.  That pose though! LOL

Henrietta and Edith came out to get better acquainted as well! 
Getting to know Marissa

Allison and Henrietta

Allison,  Edith and Henrietta 
The farm girl

Jessica and Lydia

Sweet kisses

Edith and Marissa 

After so much excitement April decided  to take a rest. 
I did this post shortly after she joined us....but second guessed if I should post it or not after her passing half a week later.  (She had pnemonia apparently before she came to us, and it never quite got completely we lost her.) After some thought though I decided I should share ALL memories at our barn......though they may be bittersweet at time. She was quite the cutie pie. 

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