Wednesday, November 5, 2014

H.O.P.E Expo!

This past month we celebrated the end of H.O.P.E's summer riding sessions with a Horse Show for all the participants!...allowing them the opportunity to show off their achievements and riding talent! It was so much fun! Everyone was so excited and surprisingly everything went just as perfectly as you please! Which really should not be any surprise at all because everyone at H.O.P.E - instructors and volunteers alike - do their jobs so well it almost looks like play! (Which is literally what it is!) I mean come on!...we are getting to hang out with these amazing horses and a wonderful team of workers and yet at the same time help children/adults achieve their goals and overcome obstacles that otherwise might not have even been possible!  H.O.P.E has become family away from family, everyone is one big happy group that truly enjoys working together and I (as well as my sisters, Marissa and Allison) look forward to many many more sessions of happy memories and fun experiences! 
The sun has risen high in the sky and the H.O.P.E team is already buzzing about the barn in preparation for the big event! 



People have already started arriving! 

Jimmy Dale Burgess - The voice of the Cullman AL Bearcats. Happily donating his time and talent to the H.O.P.E Expo event as announcer. 

Checking tack

Grace, letting her beautiful smile shine. 

A participant completing the obstacle course!

Brrrrrrr, that wind was a little chilly for some onlookers.

Another participant receiving a word from Ms. Kelli (our instructor)

Whoooohooo! Look at her trot! 


A participant accompanied by his beautiful Grandmother...who is the perfect picture of a Bama Belle!  Notice the ribbon he proudly wears pinned to his shirt! This he won just minutes before in the arena! 

Sweet little bystander. 

And I feel the need to mention that there were many, many more participants riding that day.  I just simply did not have time to take pictures of them all  because I was either in the barn...or in the arena working! LOL 
And then I was needed as an horse handler, so my Uncle Toby was kind enough to take over the camera (without me knowing) and snapped several  pictures of myself and other volunteers in the arena. 

Just look at her smile! 

Awwwh! High-five! 

Another participant receiving a ribbon! 

And happily leaving the arena accompanied by Grace (one of our volunteers)

And then it was time for cake and punch! Whoohooo! 

The lovely Ms. Rhonda


Priceless smiles of triumph and happiness.  

I love this picture. I think it captures Ms. Rhonda's personality perfectly! 

Hanging out in the barn

Loula getting lots of attention from Blake.

Grandpa and Savannah

Ms. Kelli and Allison

Uncle Toby


And then it was over.....everything went by so fast! But it was one of the best days EVER in the history of H.O.P.E!  

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  1. Jessica has grown up sooo much since I was there!


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