Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Savannah!

On September 17 we celebrated Savannah's 5th Birthday! And boy, was she excited! Aunt Beverly and Uncle Toby joined us for the party and we all had a simply grand time!  

Opening a present

I found it pretty hard getting pictures of presents due to the crowding children all clamoring to see. LOL

Jessica (9)  lighting the candles! 
Look at that smile! 

She had just a little help though.

Telling everyone how old she is now! 

She is just too cute. 

Blake was truly enjoying his portion of cake! 

And he insisted on having his own set of candles and re-celebrating his own birthday! 

Playing with her new gifts..along with a few siblings.

Best friends

Aunt Beverly, Savannah and ??

Yours truly

Caught in the lego box! 

L-R Chase (presumedly eyeing cake?) Jessica (9) Allison (11) Marissa (14)

And Blake snitching Ice Cream! 

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  1. Looks like an awesome birthday party! Happy birthday to Savannah!


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