Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Autumn is here to stay.

Looking outside today I was struck by how much the scenery has changed! The colors are amazing! 
So, of course I grabbed the camera and headed outside to snap some pictures. 



  1. Enjoyed your photographs! Everything is covered in snow here, so it looks like winter. Enjoy fall while it lasts!

    1. You have snow already!?!?! How fun! I am really hoping we at least get snow for Christmas this year...if any! lol

  2. oh wow! you live in such a pretty place! the trees here in kansas turned rather late and then a cold front and strong winds came through and blew them all off and dropped an inch of snow thats just now leaving. it's usually still warmer here so i envious, though i do love cold. love your dogs, but especially the second picture. so pretty!

  3. Awwwh Thank you! Haha I must confess that we also got a major cold front this week (and the week before) and all those beautiful colors are now nonexistent! LOL So we have something in common. I can't believe you got snow! Seems like everyone is getting snow...except for us. Hahaha....Oh well guess that is what comes with living in the South!


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