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WWII Reenactment: Linden,TN

Several weeks ago my Papa heard about a WWII reenactment that was being put on by the Courter family in downtown Linden, TN! Now, I had seen several different versions of reenactments through pictures that friends of ours had taken, but had never personally attended one as of yet, though I really, really wanted to, as did my family. So, a week before the Reenactment it was decided that we would be making the trip, but we had absolutely NO idea what to expect!  But we were hoping to make some new friends.  Who wouldn't!?!? So the weekend approached slowly but surely and before we knew it we were waking up early Saturday morning ( 5 AM )  all wrapped up in blankets and pillows headed down the highway towards Linden, TN.  Now the trip itself was three hours long...and the event started at 9 AM, so we were trying to make the trip as quickly as possible. Btw, Tennessee is absolutely gorgeous and we saw some BEAUTIFUL sights along the way!

Finally, we rolled into town safe and sound and then "the jitters" hit! Suddenly we started seeing people, and believe me when I say there is a difference between a Christian gathering and a plain old town gathering!  Everyone was dressed so nicely and everywhere you looked there was some beautiful dress or many a time a soldier's uniform to admire as it passed by.  Many were dressed up in 1940 attire and it wassimply splendid! I got to chat with Esther Courter for a while and it was so fun hearing all about how they had planned and done the event! She was super sweet and easy to talk with, as were her sisters Jessica and Rebecca, whom we got to talk with only briefly.  All in all we all had a blast!  Once during one of the performances I found Papa, Mama and some of the kids all taking naps on a quilt on the lawn of the Court House! So they MUST have been having a good time! I, on the other hand, never left the gatherings, and I had a blast! I can not WAIT to attend similar events in the future....(only next time I am going in full costume!) I didn't this time because I wanted to know what to expect and I wanted to learn from watching others more advanced in reenacting then I.  Heehee! Sooooo...without further ado we begin with the photos! 

Savannah all prettied up and ready to join the crowd! 

Cole  ( glad to be out of that car seat) 
Making our way through the crowded sidewalks. Chase at near left.
Photo Credit: Jessica and her little camera. 

Soldier in line for registration. 

Some 1940 girlies watching the first reenactment of the morning. 

Here come some reenacters! 

They were all dressed so lovely! 

"German officers!" 

And the battle began! 

Surrender or die, Nazis! 

The Nazi fortress has been captured! 

But the war rages on! 

Mama and Blake.

Mr Courter 

Newspaper boy! ( They were just too cute! ) 

"War declared, War declared, America declares war on Germany!"

Back at the car for a quick snack. L-R Allison, Emelie, Marissa and Hanna

I believe this photo explains itself. 

A "German Officer" and "Soldier" who were extremely fun to talk to and were full of WWII history and stories!
(They told us that sometimes they dress up as Americans in various reenactments elsewhere.)

Chase got to try on a paratrooper's jumpsuit and gun! 

The whole crew except Mama (who took the picture) 

German camp.

This was so sweet! WW2 Veteren dancing with a young lady reenactor. (He was really good at dancing too, I must add!) 

The Boyer sisters. Are they not the cutest things!??!? 

The Boyer Family Singers! They blew us all away with their singing talent! 
Link to their lovely blog HERE

Random shot of the canteen. Photo Credit: Jessica and her little camera

The Nazis have invaded again! 

A VERY convincing "German Officer". 


America has won! USA!  USA!  USA!!!!

Photo Credit: Jessica and her little camera

Soldiers  relaxing while listening to (I believe) Bill Potter at this time. 
Mother and daughter duo I am guessing. (Are they not lovely?!?!) Photo Credit: Jessica and her little camera 

USA girls hitching a ride with a "German Officer".  THE NERVE OF THOSE GIRLS!  Jk

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