Monday, October 27, 2014

Emelie Moments 101 - (Taking pictures in the DARK!)

Wanted to get a picture of our big, giant, beautiful moon last night....up against the pretty gray sky and then the pine trees around the edges so I grabbed the camera and tried taking pictures by just holding it (the camera)  Well that wouldn't work (stop laughing you photography experts.....I'm learning as I go) so I grab the tripod....well now the moon went below the tree line so I look around for the next highest thing from the half-a-ping-pong-table I'm standing on at the moment (don't ask it's a long story) and spy our big red van. So it's up the side of the van (no small feat) and on top where its cold, damp and chilly! Well, I have my perfect if only I can keep
the tripod (did I mention I had to go get the tripod for added stability?) and the van to quite moving. And I'm not talking swaying - I mean just barely moving with me as I try to move as little as possible...but still moving just barely enough so that every time I take a picture it blurs the image JUST a smudge! I was so frazzled......the shot was there..the camera was there....but the stillness WAS NOT! Next step was our roof, which I said no to as soon as the thought entered my head! Well, right about now the guests at the Cottage decide to head on there I am scrambling down......Oh wait, the tripod and camera can still be seen... so, quick! lay it down, then scramble back down so it doesn't look like I have been spying on them in their house! Whew...ok! Wave nonchalantly, but more or less awkwardly, while walking back to the front door as they pass by. Then  literally run back to the van and carefully as possible get the camera down because you're pretty sure you just broke every single rule  a photographer ever tried to obey because everyone knows you never lay a camera on its side...ON THE DAMP ROOF OF A CAR!!!! Ok, guilt pushed aside, I head inside defeated and head straight for the kitchen, because my mom needed my help making pizza twenty minutes ago....but let me "try" to take a few pictures first. But all the while I am making plans for the next battle in the dark and trying to make a mental note to research how to properly take a night time picture of the moon for next time, because I obviously lack the ingenious skill of figuring it out on my own. *SHOCKER* 
(I could't even persuade the camera to capture the mere existence of the big, beautiful stars in the sky.....) 

Here is the only most decent picture I got. (sad face) And this picture DOES NOT in  the SLIGHTEST show you guys how big and beautiful it was. 

Ok, and now my sister is trying to tell me something about the logger/tree guys coming and chopping down our ancient oak tree that we figured to be about 100 years old..and how they used a rope..and something about a problem so they used a pulley then WAMMMM it came down!?! Is she stalling for time before she has to go to bed? Surely not! 
I don't know why I added that last little bit of information but I thought it was needed. Maybe I'm just tired and need to go to bed...yes that's it. I'm tired...I'm not losing my mind..I DO NOT need to go and eat all my candy I have been saving up that's hidden deep inside my filing cabinet (no wait I took it to church with me as a bribe...I told my siblings if no one had a single argument all the way to church I would share my candy..though I feel a little guilty because I only shared my crackers and mini oreo's and everyone knows that those particular items are not at all candy.)  Yes...that's it! I just need to sleep. 

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