Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Family Outing!

Recently our Aunt Beverly and Uncle Toby planned an outing to a museum and then a beautiful park with them. We were very much excited and after setting the date for the excursion waited in anxious suspense for the appointed time to depart later that week.
Well, the day finally arrived and loading up into the Bama Bullet (what our family affectionately calls our red van) we hit the road,  met our Aunt and Uncle in their car and then tag teamed down the highway for an hour and a half. Now for some odd reason I had decided that I would make this excursion the object for my very first Vlog. Whew, let us just say that is was definitely a first and I am VERY glad I also took pictures as well as videos. At least I have good pictures to show for my time. LOL  On reaching our destination [ Cooks Natural Science Museum ] we all piled out and filed inside. 
The heat was insufferable and we were glad to get inside the cool building. 
Now for reasons of my own I did not bring in my camera so I could enjoy the experience more so than if I had the camera....though looking back that made no sense! BUT thankfully my Aunt had her Iphone along and graciously let us use it throughout the museum.

Savannah inspecting some lovely crystals

Marissa and Jessica in front of  the Sea shell and Coral display. (my favorite display of the entire place)

And now I must confess that sadly I forgot the name of the fish to which  this bony snout belongs! LOL
With or without a name, I hope I never meet such a fish underwater!
Jessica and some lovely rocks/gemstones.
And then near our time to leave we gathered around the souvenir desk and were pleasantly surprised by our Papa saying we could each pick out two colorful rocks of our choice! I picked a lovely turquoise one and then a shiny black one. And then once we had all picked out our rocks (which took a while) Mama went and got four of her favorites. She was not about to miss out on such a fun memory. And she got four because she is special.
Cole loved crawling about on the cool floor before we headed out again.
 And now I must tell you that,  when we reached the desired park,  we found it completely packed! It was a short lived disappointment however, for after some discussion it was decided that we would all continue on to the outdoor Mall. And may I mention it is our FAVORITE Mall! 

Mama, waiting on the decided verdict from  Papa.

At the Mall! 
I just realized they were picking flowers from the Mall landscaping!

The pictures turned out well none the less.

Smile Savannah!!!!

Exploring the new candy store

While we older girls and Mama went throughout the Mall to our favorite stores the younger ones (who brought swimming clothes) played in the Splash Pad toward the middle of the Mall to cool off while Papa watched.

Cole loved the cool refreshing water.

Some of the girls with Aunt Beverly.

Papa and Mama
Jessica and Cole



MMmmmmm Look what Papa went and picked up from the Chocolate Crocodile! Carmel Apples!



Lovely Marissa again.

So much fun! But now I must add that right about now the security guard on duty (who was just a little creepy) came and told everyone there that ALL the children that wanted to play in the water had to have shoes on! Well that eliminated just about every child there! But the younger ones really wanted to keep playing so Mama and some of us older girls went around the corner to Old Navy and picked up some flipflops.

Cole found a new hat!

The prized bag of Flip flops being brought to the rescue!

Handing them out  to their delighted new owners.

And then soon it was time to go so after a quick picture of everyone but Cole (LOL) It was time to head home!

Goodbye lovely Mall, until next time!

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