Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Rabbits!

Jessica and Marissa each got a baby Rabbit! 
Some sweet friends of ours raise Mini Rex Rabbits and Jessica (after the tragic loss of her first rabbit) wanted to get another bunny. So when we heard that our friends had several new litters that would be ready for adoption very, very soon, Jessica begged and pleaded until Mama said she could get one.  Then of course Marissa (after hearing the money profits of raising bunnies wanted to get one in hopes of raising some baby rabbits in the future) So Jessica got a little blonde girl (Annie) and Marissa got a grey boy (Andie) from separate litters. They were so soft and cute! 
We are here! 

Heading out to the barn to pick out their bunnies! 

Look at all those bunnies! 

Holding her new bunny! 


Jessica, the proud owner of her new bunny, little Annie
Marissa (holding Andy) and Allison cuddling with some little bunnies.  

Little Annie seemed to love the attention 

Checking Annie's claws

Annie fell asleep in Jessica's arms.....AWWWWW! 

A beautiful view of some of the farm. 

Blake, seemingly enjoying the sandbox.

Killing Tomato Worms...Hahahah

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