Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Naturally Photogenic Baby Siblings!

So what do you do if you have a little extra time one evening and have some amazingly photogenic baby siblings to babysit? Why, you dress them up and head out the door to do a mini photo shoot before the parents return, that's what! They loved it! In fact they quite enjoyed the attention and loved being fussed over. So by the time we got "out the door" we (no, scratch that.  I was still in my P.J's.....they were the ones all dolled up).....we were ready to roll! They just instantly started posing and running around saying "here take a picture of me here....or here!" It was a photographer's dream! 

This was the winner of the the entire photo shoot! 

He was a natural poser, but in order to ensure that his hands would STAY in his pockets he was allowed to bring along two cars...one for each pocket and got to "hold" them while his hands were in his pockets. lol

Such cuties! (I spy two cars!)

Darling Savannah
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