Monday, July 7, 2014

A-Day Game!

This year we got to drive up to "T Town" (Tuscaloosa) and attend our very first Bama A-Day game! It was quite the experience! We even got on TV! Our group goes as follows

Uncle Toby
Aunt Beverly
Noah (their nephew)

 It was a really fun group and it was a perfectly sunny day. Though we did get a little hot and had to keep retreating to the cool cement Exit halls (that looked out over the game as well) to cool off! There was never enough water either! lol Ok, now that I have filled you in on the basics of the trip we shall start with the pictures! (Oddly enough I did not bring the camera, thinking I wouldn't have time to enjoy the game!) But thankfully, my Aunt Beverly saved the day with her camera she brought along!

Once we arrived on campus we walked to the nearest shuttle bus stop and hopped aboard! We had a very interesting driver and certain members of the family loved to get her all riled up for the game. lol

The whole group (minus Uncle Toby taking the picture) standing outside the Briant Denny Stadium!

And then it was time to stand in line....and wait and wait and wait! It took us forever to just get inside the outer gate!

And then we were inside! We arrived good and early to get good seats!
And then it was time to start the game!!!!!!
Waiting for the team to come out of the locker room.
And here they come!!!!!!
(screaming all round the stadium) I spy Coach Nick Saban!
Stretching and warming up before the game.
And then the game began!
Roll TIDE!!!!!!!
The "part" of the family that came. (:
P.S before the team came out on the field the announcer told everyone in the stadium that the team had a fun little game they liked to play. The half of the team that won the scrimmage got to eat Steak for supper that night while the losers got Beans. LOL

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