Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Party!

Every year my Aunt and Uncle have managed to put on the most wonderful 4th of July party's! It never ceases to amaze us at just how good she and our Uncle Toby are at putting together and hosting parties! They are the Party KING AND QUEEN! We had such a wonderful time and now that I have slept off ALL that wonderful food I will share the pictures I took yesterday! This year's party theme was a Luau!

Papa and Mama

Hanna, enjoying her watermelon. (which by the way was amazing!)


Look at all that food!

Allison and her Luau jewelry.


Such a cutie!

Savannah (probably wondering how she is going to finish all that food) LOL

Uncle Toby and Aunt Beverly.

Luau time!!!!!!

Mmmmm, Cool Lemonade!

Cole and Marissa

Nothing like a refreshing sip of Pepsi!

Savannah, Anna and Blake

4-wheeler rides!

Savannah was giving five minute "rides" on her pet donkey. Hahahah

Aunt Beverly (is she gorgeous or what?) Blake and Allison.

Yummyumm! (aka Gold Fish crackers) Aunt Beverly always thinks of the cutest party decorations!

Hanna looking like a fashion designer.

Cole hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. Grimmett.

Popsicle time!

Such a cutie!


Jessie and her buddies

So adorable!

I think Marissa had the best seat of them all!

Those gorgeous blue eyes!  

Seeing who has the reddest tongue! Hahaha

Badminton lessons!!!


Apparently I found something he said very hilarious.

Let me just add that this was one of the best volleyball games yet!

Chase and Savannah with Aunt Beverly.

Imaginary boat rides!

My favorite part of this picture is Chase helping little Anna out of the boat.

Sparkler time! (may I just add that it was in the 60s towards the end of the evening) Brrrrr! Not your average July weather down here in Bama!

Sorry it turned blurry....(I didn't bring my tripod)

Firework time!!!!!!

I can't believe the camera picked up so much detail! (still getting used to better quality pictures)

So beautiful!

Actually this year several families brought fireworks to add to the show this year so it was bigger and better then ever!

Love these closeups!

Red White and purple?

So beautiful!

The End!

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  1. Thank you for the compliments! GREAT pictures! love you bunches!


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