Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July Nails Tutorial!

 After posting a photo on Instagram of my 4th of July nails, I received a request for a tutorial. Now I have never ever done a tutorial in my life but it sounded like fun so you guys are just going to have to give me the benefit of the doubt and go easy on me on this one. Hahaha

Pictured above are the main colors I used. Now I had to do a little improvising in this project...nothing major, just switched around some brushes. You may have noticed that both bottles of white are by the same brand (therefore the exact same color) The secret is that the small bottle has a thinner brush (pictured below) for doing fancy designs etc....but that bottle is empty! So I just dipped it into the  red to do the cute little flower!
See how the brushes on these Nail Art Brushes are way thinner? So nice!
Ok, so that pretty much is all my secrets. Nothing major.  Now the next step is painting every nail except for your ring finger(s) red. Then paint the two remaining white....bla blah blah (ya, I'll stop stating the obvious). You can see from the below picures how I did the flower. (silly face)
Really simple actually, You just add dot after dot in a (sort of) circle! Don't worry if some dots are larger then others....It makes for a more realistic flower I think. And there you go! I hope this tutorial has been both helpful and informative to you all.

Have a wonderful week!

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