Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pinterest Summer Favorites!

Sitting here in the cool, breezy living room tapping away on the laptop after watching the kids playing in the splash pool in our backyard for hours, I racked my brain for topics and things to post, and of course, I thought of Summer! One of my recent summer favorites is Pinterest! So many project ideas and stuff! So below I will list some of my top favorite pins and then we will talk Summer!

I seriously would live by this quote....but my wallet won't approve.

I am SO into the braids this season! Finally mastered the Fishtail braid (pictures above)

Saw this the other day and LOVED it! Going to have to try this style when my hair gets a tad longer. 

Summer toes! 

Such a good idea! This is actually called a Bean tunnel! Instead of growing flowers or just plain vines grow beans! 

So doing this when we get our trampoline fixed! How many times have I pinched myself on those horrid springs! 

Brie, Turkey And Spinach Panini!!!! Really really would love to make these sometime in the next few weeks! 

Pebble People! When I saw these last night I could't take my eyes off them! Hopefully going to try making them soon! 

For those of you travel lovers this is a really fun idea! Hand stitch your vacation route and then frame it!  

Words to live by.

And then of course I had to add a pretty picture! 

Saw this and died laughing! 

 Zipsicles : ziploc bags designed for making homemade popsicles! $2.99.

Really want to find these! 
Ok, now for Summer stuff. This morning (my mom was not feeling quite like herself and so stayed in bed) so I woke up and had the whole house to run all by myself with the help of my 14 year old sister Marissa. (no big deal) So I get up all groggy (no time for makeup...outfit planning or cute hairstyle) for a little bit I thought life had fast forwarded to my adult life with Well I have time to get dressed in whatever I see laying on the floor from the previous days closet raids and get out of my bedroom door just in time to get my head somewhat clear when my Grandpa arrives to take my Dad, Chase, Allison and Jessica to pick up a big freezer. It has not been  10 minutes and I already have possession of a fussy 5 month old who will not be comforted! Only thing that works for the child when he reaches such a state is to take him it's into the stroller he goes to be pushed around the yard by a stumbling half-awake teenager.....who is still trying to get her bearings on the day. Well it's hot so I really don't want to be outside this early in the morning.....but I stay outside to bid my siblings and others goodbye as they pull out of the driveway while frantically trying to keep the insane but beloved three family dogs from being run over...because for some reason they seem to have no inclination as to what would happen if they did stay behind that tire or trailer! ....All while holding the fussy baby mind you! Marissa was right beside me with the two year old who has just wakened and is slightly happier. So its back inside to get everyone somewhat organized...but no, baby has other plans and fusses even more, so we plan to head back outside....but we are more prepared now! First it is to the garage with the 12 year old sister to retrieve the big white cooler that is not ever really used anymore...... then to the bathroom for water toys and sunscreen....then to the kitchen to grab a sponge to stuff into the drainage hole in one end of the cooler because the original plug is missing! Thank you random family member that forgot to return something to its proper place! LOL Then one last stop to grab a big water proof picnic mat that my mom made and out the door we go with the 4 year old, the 12 year old, and  2 year old in tow, as well as the 5 month old on my hip. Once we reach our destination I spread out the picnic mat and set the sunscreen-doused baby on it to crawl around in his little onesie and sunhat that Velcros under the chin.   Then I help drag out the hose and fill up the big white cooler with water for the little kids who are now shrieking with delight!

Once full of cool water they jump in and splash to their hearts' content while I sit wayyyy away on the mat with the baby who every time he fusses gets either a pat on the bottom or turned over in my lap so his head rests on my leg and shaded by the rest of me while he gulps on a bottle of cool water. No way was he going to get sunburned or overheated on my watch! In my mind all I'm thinking about at this point is that wonderful tan I hope to achieve while sitting out here in the blazing sun babysitting. Hahahah So that scene goes on for perhaps 45 minutes until Marissa joins us, and then after a little while longer we pack up and head inside to cool off and watch Nemo (the 2 year old's movie of choice)

 while Marissa and I try to appease the baby's wrath. LOL Finally we take him to mom to be fed. Then we (Marissa and I) cleaned up the house, got all the dishes done, and started the laundry......Then of course the Dad, Grandpa and other kids get back while we are on our second movie of choice.....Frozen. Ironic right? Can you guess who requested that movie? Yah, so everyone arrives and Marissa and I make a beeline for the back hall to our room where our more decent clothes were left. You don't think we would miss out on a chance to get a good tan in while watching the kids outside in that broiling sun would you? Hahaha I thought so. Anyway dressed back in our other clothes we greet everyone...the freezer is unloaded and then it's time to load up that horridly ugly pile of scrap metal that has been accumulating since we moved here (has it really been 2 years?) And then Papa takes off with Grandpa, bigger little brother 7 and the 11 year old sister. But not before Papa tells us that we don't need to be couch potatoes all day and need to do something worth while......LOL  Then they leave and we are all giggles and happy to get back out in the sun and splash in the water again so its back outside, sunshades, sunblock, smiles and water for another hour or so.....Yahhhh baby! Oh but wait now the baby won't go to sleep STILL! So its back outside WITH the baby's crib.  We were not taking ANY chances! Hahaha

So this fun goes on for another 45 minutes , splashing around trying to keep cool in the blistering heat, snapping pictures with the camera, thinking of all the wonderful things we could eat right that moment, chocolate shakes, strawberry smoothies, hamburgers, favorite chips....yah we really torture ourselves for no reason at all!...... until myself, Marissa, the 12 year old, the 4 year old, the 2 year old and the 5 month old get tired of enduring the heat for the sake of getting wet or achieving a tan. (depends on whose prospective you look from.) LOL Then its all march back inside to figure out supper plans, clean up before the rest get back...put kids down for naps...and then FINALLY baby falls asleep all snuggled up in his blanket. I swaddled him in sucking on his little Paci. (Yes I know he is a little big for swaddling but hey it worked!) Then I don't remember what we did until the other kids got up. But anyway when the others got home they brought all the stuff we needed for supper. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT WAS ON THE MENU!?!?!?! My very own specialty Better then take-out Chicken Fried Rice! (thanks to my Pinterest recipe board several months back) So then its cook, cook, cook with the help of the 12 year old sister, who by the way is a pretty talented cook, and then supper was ready! Mom didn't feel like eating but the rest of us gathered around the supper table and dug in! It was so good! (As always) Then since it was Friday night that meant it was FAMILY FUN NIGHT! Just a fun little family tradition we started back when I was really really little. So then we pick a movie. The original pick was the second Christie...but since that could not be located we watched Flicka. (One of my favs) By then Mom was feeling better and joined us all on the couch. Then it was bedtime and I read the 7 year old brother, the 4 year old sister, the 2 year old brother and the 9 year old sister a bedtime story....well ok, it was more then one but who can say no to those cute little faces?!!?? Then we crashed into bed without a word.....ZZzzzzzzzzzzz

All in all I think it was a wonderful experience and I had a blast! Recently I was a little worried if I would ever be ready to be a Mom and in truth I don't think you can ever be perfectly ready but if this was a taste of what motherhood is gonna be like I CAN'T WAIT! I actually filled an entire day with real stuff! School work gets to be the norm and I get so tired of the traditional day. Today was a nice be depended on to keep everything have people counting on you. Today was amazing!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!


P.S I remember what I did while the kids were sleeping now! I typed up this post! HAhahah
All these events happened yesterday when I wrote it all down but I am just getting around to editing and posting it today (Friday)

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