Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh How Embarrassing!

Ever had those days when everything seems totally great and then something happens and just gets really embarrassing?  Welllll, I had a day like that not too long ago and what is hilariously awesome about the whole thing was that I possessed the humor to write it all down that day for later use! So I figured you guys would enjoy a good laugh at my own expense. (Hahahha) Have a great week, you guys! 
 It  was a lovely, spring morning; everything was in bloom, and I had actually gotten up early for once! We had Maple French toast bagels for breakfast and my, it was just the perfect morning. Doing my makeup and hair had crossed my mind, but I threw the thought aside and took Cole for a walk down the lane.  (He loves getting fresh air.)  It was so lovely that when I returned I grabbed the camera and asked Marissa if she would like to go for a walk too! We were slowly strolling along the lane halfway to to the “halfway mark” when Marissa says “Someone’s coming down the road!” We quickly bounced out of the way and bounded into the grass and bushes (Poison Ivy included) alongside the lane. “It’s a big truck,” exclaimed Marissa. To my horror, around the bend came a large grey, diesel truck, which, to our great dismay slowed down and stopped right beside us. Now keep in mind we had been hoping it would drive on past and stop at the house so we both had our backs turned and were suspiciously staring into the forest quite blankly!  Well, as I said before, they stopped….so we slowly turned around and walked closer to hear what they were asking. There were two men in the truck, an older gentleman in the passenger side seat and a younger guy in the driver’s seat. “Do you know if you have a water meter down here from MeadowBrook?” they asked.  Marissa quickly answered “Ummmm I think so.”.... while I quickly answered “I don’t know,” all the while NOT looking at them clearly.  The sudden realization of how horrible I must look had suddenly hit my like a brick wall. Then the older gentleman asked “Oh, well, are your parents home?” to which Marrisa answered yes that our mother was indeed home, while I commanded Maverick (our German Shepherd) to “Come” with as much authority as I could muster...only to be ignored completely and  ruin the very idea that he was a well trained and disciplined watchdog. The men then drove on slowly, swerving so as not to squish our “little dogs”, more commonly known as Corky and Angel,  two small mutts that we rescued from the shelter eight years ago.  

When they had disappeared over the hill that we had just traversed only 5 minutes before, we continued walking in the opposite direction...but then realizing that Mama had no way of knowing that someone had arrived due to the fact that she was still getting everything organized and ready to go for the day,  and that there were little children playing Stagecoach  in the front  yard, we decided to follow at breakneck speed back down the lane……. We had not reached the first rise of the hill when we were joined by the Stagecoach clan which consisted of Savannah(4) and Blake(2) mounted on several stacked boxes (the seats) atop a large Radio Flyer wagon (The Stage).  “The Stage” has been stripped of all its wooden sides and cushions and has only the base and wheels left .  Jessica(8) (The horse), huffing and puffing, pulls them along, much to their delight. “Did you see the truck?” exclaimed Jessica. “Yes we did and we better get back before they turn around” we called before racing past them and down the rest of the lane to the house. By the time we all reached the gate to our property, the men had driven down to the little cottage just past our house that had recently been vacated.  They appeared to be knocking at the door of the cottage as our thundering little herd (Stage and all) stampeded through the gate and up to the house to tell Mama that we had visitors. (Keep in mind it was still early morning to us, so some of the children were still in either their PJs or more or less skimpy clothing) So, though some were concerned about getting Mama the message that there were visitors, others were more worried about getting properly dressed. Only then, back inside the house did I realize that I had not only left my hair up in a weird clipped-up fashion, but I had forgotten entirely about the large, black, ugly crows feather I had stuck in my hair only ten minutes before. You can imagine the regret and remorse I felt about neglecting to get ready that morning, only worsened by the fact that Marissa was entirely dressed and ready for the day.

Well there we were all clamoring around and back outside as Mama went out to talk to them since they had now driven back up to our house. I had been handed the slumbering baby Cole, so had to stay inside and watch from a distance while they talked. After laying him down in his crib, I rushed back outside (but not too obviously) only to be sent back inside to retrieve a wanted phone number.  Finally I was able to join them all outside and was introduced to Tyler and the older gentleman, a plumber (whose name I have just realized we did not get!) They talked to my mom for a bit about the layout of the water lines while also marveling at the kids “Stagecoach”.  They said that they were doing some bulldozing work at Camp Meadowbrook and wanted to know where the water pipes were so as not to run them over. After a little more talking, they loaded up and left, but not before our embarrassing dog Maverick had “marked” every wheel on their truck in clear view, and nearly got the elderly gentleman's pants.

Ohhhh the life of living in the country. (:  After it was all over and done, Marissa informed us that we were safe as far as first impressions go... because the young man was wearing a wedding ring.

-Emelie Ballenger

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