Saturday, June 28, 2014

House Tour: Part one-The Main Rooms

Of course I had to give the only family heirloom that has survived the years its own photo. Knows as the Red Chair. Don't worry we are not color blind recent years it was recovered and reupholstered. We never have stopped calling it the Red Chair though.

A little last minute decor.

Love these old vintage photographs!

The fireplace pictured below is a lifesaver in the winter! And we have truly enjoyed being able to actually hang our stocking over the fire these past Christmases!

Yes, the wood was professionally matched by our personal interior decorator. (Yah right)

The dining room.

These poor wood floors have really been through it these past years! Before we moved in Papa actually refinished the entire house..though because we did not want to wait to move in any longer than necessary, we did not  sand it down so that the wood would truly absorb the finish. But it works for now!

The view from the kitchen hall looking back over the Dining room and Living room. I love how the house was built to flow! Makes the house seem so much larger than if each room was closed off.

Only after the pictures were taken did I realize just how unprofessional I hung those picture frames. Oh well!

And then looking from the Dining room back into the Kitchen Hall and then on into the Laundry room/back hall.

The Kitchen! You can not really see it in this picture because of shadows but Papa painted the entire Kitchen a beautiful red special for Mama because it is her favorite color and she has dreamed of having a red kitchen since forever! It truly made a huge difference! Marissa and I repainted all the kitchen cabinets all by ourselves, and then Papa painted the handles all black.

Stay tuned until next time in this series, when we take a look at the infamous family laundry room!

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