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Adoption, Old Films and Summer Projects

My what a mind-full of a title! These three things have been on my mind a lot throughout the past months.

Adoption is something that has always enthralled me, maybe it's because of the fact that I have grown up with a sister that was adopted into our family when we were really little....maybe it's the sweet faces staring at me from the computer screen every time I research adoption online...who knows what it is exactly. All I know is it is just an amazing thing to do, both for the baby and your family. Giving that baby a chance to be loved, to have a family to call their own, to grow up safely.  Just imagine: after months, maybe even a year of waiting and signing TONS of papers, finally making the trip to get your precious baby from the orphanage! Those pudgy little hands....the smiles, giggles....hearing their soft baby breathing while sleeping? It is to die for! As you have probably already guessed I would LOVE to adopt someday.....(sigh) Can you just see it? Coming off the plane to all your awaiting family and friends while your little sweets holds tightly to your shirt hiding its sweet little face from the crowd, not trusting anyone but you. DAwwwww!!!!! I think I have watched too many adoption stories online! Hahaha (Besides my dear sister's own adoption video)  
Here is one of my favorite adoption stories of all time.....ADORABLE!  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

I think if I adopted I would definitely adopt from China. Such a beautiful place! And such sweet babies! 

Ok and then about old films, recently after reading a book series based around WWII, I was completely wrapped up in vintage stuff yet again. I just love it! Anyway after reading the series (for the second time) I was all WWII girl and on and on and on.....Pinterest boards, research, you name it. So then, I of course started watching old films just to get even more into the Vintage mindset and I found several hilarious and sweet old films. One of my favorites was Gracie Fields in Molly and Me (1945) One of my newest faves. 

Oh! and that reminds me of another we have been watching piece by piece every night with great delight..........Little Women (TV series 1978) Such a dear old film and makes me wish they made TV shows like this again. Always brings tears to my eyes. They are all so beautiful.

1978 Version
Actually to be honest not one of us sisters can decide which Little Women we like better...the 1978 version or the  1933 version! They are both such sweet films! And of course with 6 sisters there is plenty to relate to.....such as Amy and Jo's relationship. I definitely have an Amy in my family and it helps seeing things from a different prospective. We find ourselves looking at each other during the film and smiling.  Why just yesterday we were watching a certain scene and I turned to her and said "why didn't they just let her come along?" and the sister looked back at me and said "now you know how it is". As I said before Little Women is a wonderful film and definitely has helped me in seeing my relationships with my sisters from a different level.  I wouldn't trade them for anything! <3 <3

Just today I asked my mama if we had Alice in Wonderland or Alice in the Looking Glass and she surprised me and actually said we did and told me where it was stored. And guess what!? It was better then I could have imagined! It was actually a full volume of ALL of Lewis Caroll's works! 

A complete collection in one large volume! I was so excited! I love his kind of writing; it catches me off guard and makes me have to think differently!  So many big words and so many interesting ways of speaking. This afternoon I got all wrapped up in reading the younger ones Sylvia and Bruno Concluded. So funny! One of my littlest sisters and I share a passion for this sort of writing and so we will spend hours reading these stories, laughing, and wrinkling our brows at different funny expressions. (:

Whewww, Ok now I still have to talk about Summer Projects! 

In recent weeks Mama heard about a local Horse Stable right down the road from us that makes it possible for Special Needs Children to ride and get to spend time with  horses. When they arrived they would get to meet the instructor, meet the horse they would be riding (depending on their handicap), help tack up the horse, and then receive a riding lesson. But this all requires a lot of help because most of them can not mount, much less ride without assistance and THAT is where we come in. They need volunteers that don't mind getting dirty and hot out in the sun assisting. Those who do not exactly want to be with horses or children can help in the office, which is also a much needed help.  So last Saturday Papa drove Allison, Hanna, Jessica, Marissa and me to the stables to sign up to be volunteers over the summer. First we handed in our papers and after meeting everyone else and the instructors we went on to meet the horses and got a quick tour of the stables.  Then we went out to the paddock to actually see a demonstration lesson and then interact with two of the horses.

 I got to hang out with Wiser, a retired Race and Polo Horse. 
They did not have a picture of Wiser on their website, so I will use the one Papa took of me and him on Saturday.
Wiser, a 17 year old Bay Thoroughbred that was formerly a racer and then spent some time as a polo horse. Now retired from polo.

Meanwhile Marissa got to meet and hang out with Can Can! 
Meet Can Can, HOPE's Tennessee Walking Horse. She is 19 years old, trained for trail obstacles
All in all there were four horses in the program and goodness they were all SO well trained! Below are the other two horses that we met briefly but did not get to interact with due to not enough time.  
(Captions were taken directly from their Web site)
Samuel Adams, or Sam, is a Black Bay Standardbred gelding of age 16... was a cart racer in younger days, competed in hunter/jumper, and also spent time as a lesson horse.

Taloula Grace, lovingly called Loula, a Black Percheron mare at age 11 is our big girl that will be able to easily carry adults or children and was used as a beginner lesson horse.
After the lesson we went back to the barn office to watch two educational video about the program and then we were done! As of now we have not been scheduled for work yet...but we are readily awaiting the email! 

Ok. I think that is it for now. 

BIG THANK YOU to all my readers. You guys make my day! <3 

Have a blessed week! 

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