Friday, May 9, 2014

When the Cousins came to visit!

Unloading all our gear
In March, our cousins came down to our house from wayyyy up north and we had a simply wonderful time! Our Uncle Sam loves to play Frisbee Golf and (luckily for us) brought along his entire Frisbee Golf  setup to play at various courses around our town! For your information, prior to their visit we had never played the game before (aside from throwing a few frisbees at their house on our vacation last year,  and the year before that....) So it was all quite new and interesting (as well as challenging) to try learning the game in the week that they were here! Thankfully, Uncle Sam is a very good teacher and did not mind giving us a few lessons and tips before heading out to the courses!

Uncle Sam

I believe Aunt April had just made a really good long throw right before I took this picture...hence the smiles all around.

High five!


Watching someone throw

Go Marissa!


Aww such a sweet picture. Aunt April, Uncle Sam and their eldest daughter Abby (:

The whole group (besides myself) Ahh the perks of being the photographer.


Back at the house the little ones were worn out! Pictures here: Uncle Sam and their youngest boy Kyle. (:

Chase (before he got a haircut lol...and yes, he's missing a lot of teeth!), Zack (His Best Friend) and Kyle.

Random pic of Savannah and Hanna

I love this picture of Jessie! Looks like a scene from a movie!

Bonfire Supper!

Love how the new camera actually shows everyone in the dark!

The End

Note: These pictures are the few I narrowed it down to out of the 450 I took throughout the week. :P 

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