Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Goe Family comes to visit!

When the Goe family comes to visit its always an adventure! They have the sweetest family and their girls are just full of stories of all they have accomplished and what has happened to their animals in the past. Hahaha

L-R   Lucy, Gabby, Jessica, Chase, Melia and Allison

Simon enjoyed playing on the tractors!

Simon and Blake


Playing with baby Winston

Another group shot

Playing Cowboys and Indians! In this photo Allison appears to be the mighty steed while Winston plays the tough Cowboy.

Deciding who is going to be the "horses" and who is going to be the "owners"


Lining up for a race!

And their off!!!!!

I love the looks of determination on all their faces!

The next race

Savannah, Lucy and Simon (The little kids division)


After supper we all went outside to play Volleyball!

Seems like just a random picture until you look closer.......

And yours truly. Obviously there was some doubt on my sisters part as to whether I would actually get the ball over the net or not. Hahahahah

Playing in the barn loft.

She is just too cute for words!

The End

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