Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hiking trip with the Goe Family

 We went on some new hiking trails the other day with the Goe family for the first time and had a wonderful time! We had to drive up and over a mountain to get to the Park/Trails which was also on the side of one of the surrounding Mountains. It was beautiful!

On a side note: if you have noticed that there is a sudden abundance in blog posts that is due to the fact that I am finally getting caught up on all the blog posts and pictures that have built up over the months of April and May. The grass is really not still brown..hahah

Driving around the Mountain

I spy Savannah!

and Blake

Pretty little place on the edge of the Pond/Lake. Kinda magical looking I think.

Gabby, Hanna and Allison


Playing in the little chapel

Awwww, Gabby and her little brother Winston

Playing on the dock

All the kids (minus Baby Cole and myself)

Savannah and Blake

Sweet Savannah. (Something tells me I could write an entire novel based around this cute little picture)

Hanna and Gabby

Studying the many birds and insects to be found on the trails.

Picnic time!

Mama holding Blake with Papa sitting beside her.

Mr and Mrs Goe

Marissa holding Baby Cole while laughing with Mama

For those of you who know me really well you might know that I mostly in general do not cherish the company of cats at all BUT....I must inform you of a most definite exception and that exception is this size and color of this cat. I cannot tell you exactly why it is but I have a very big weak spot for these type of cats! Maybe its the fact that I had a cat when I was little just like this that I loved dearly or maybe it's the fact that I am extremely sentimental...who knows. But when I saw this cat at the trails I had to snap a picture. (:

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  1. What a beautiful place to go with your family! Looks like you had a great day :)


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