Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Hanna!

 HaPpy BirTHDay Hanna!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago on April 6th, my sweet sister, Hanna, was born far away in a strange and beautiful country.  Little did we know that 9 months later we would have her in our arms, state-side and  just in time for Christmas too! I was 6 and my only little sister at the time, Marissa, was 3. 
Mama was expecting Allison at the time of the adoption, so in her place my Aunt Beverly (Papa's sister) accompanied Papa one cold December day and traveled by plane all the way across the ocean miles and miles away from our cozy little home nestled in the snow China. 

They stayed for 14 days and took tons and tons of videos and pictures and bought us several traditional costumes as well as a few hats and dolls. I remember making a long, long paper chain the day they left and each following day removing one ring at a time until the long awaited day came for them to arrive home.  

Blowing out the candles! (With a little help from Jessica) lol
We traveled to the airport and anxiously awaited the first glimpse of our new little sister! Before we knew it there they were with smiles as big as the sun...and there she was: our sweet, pudgy, squishy, little baby sister. There were hugs all around and then it was back to our snug little house to get more acquainted.
Little sweetness herself, the day she came home.

The Birthday cake! Decorated by Hanna and Allison together.
You can imagine the attention little Hanna got that evening all sprawled out on a little blanket on the floor surrounded by lots of new toys arranged in precarious fashion by her doting older sisters who grinned from ear to ear from either side of her. 

An Owl Tea Pot!
The years have gone by like a blur since then, but I still remember that day quite clearly. It was a sweet and wonderful time to remember and I will never forget it. I love you Hanna and I hope you have a wonderful 12th year. I can't believe you're nearly a teenager! 

I must add that you are an amazing cook and I want to thank you for all the countless times you have surprised us all with Pie or Brownies for dessert on some late evening after supper. Or the times you sweetly helped out when we needed someone to help with some household task. You have such a sweet servant's heart and I love you bunches! 
The very picture of excitement!

This turned out to be an entire box of different types of  Tea! ( Hanna LOVES her tea!)

Pure Joy!


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