Saturday, April 26, 2014

Park day with the Littles

Park day is so much fun these days! The weather is perfectly warm and breezy. (I missed going to Park Day last time because I was sick) But I got to go this weekend and it was so much fun! I met a lot of new little friends and played with some I already knew. Marissa (closest sister in age) and I just love toting the littles around the park, pushing them in the swings, and helping them slide down the slides. It's perfect sweetness! I got Hanna (My second sister in age) to take a picture of our little group right before we had to go... and then Laura (A little friend) and Chloe (another little friend) wanted to take a few snapshots.
Group Selfie! (they are all sisters by the way)

The Group!!!!  R-L Chloe, Nora, Laina and Marissa, Carli, Me, Liddy and Savannah
Me, Laura, and Laina A D O R A B  L E!!!!!

Cutie Pies!

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