Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How Plexus Changed My Life.

I am sharing this story publicly in the hopes that it will reach as many people as possible and that it will be an encouragement to all who read it. If I am able to change just one life by sharing my personal story then I will credit my efforts as a success.
So my story, wow, where to start, so much has changed for me! Let’s start with this: When I was about 13 my health just spun out of control. My hormones were changing and my body needed more than what I was giving it. And yet, I had no idea how to fix how I was feeling! I became anemic, I was dehydrated, sick to my stomach most of the time, had headaches, was constipated, had heat/cold intolerance and was weak. (like you pushed me and I would fall over. I could not effectively grab something with my hand and hold on tight. My fingers would just tingle and just let go) ….to name a few. All of this made it impossible for me to live my life and participate in fun family activities and that in turn hurt a lot of my relationships with my siblings. (I’m the oldest of 10) I could do nothing fun with them and had zero energy, so we grew apart and it hurt me deeply. I was the “oldest sister that would not and could not do anything fun and just sat around being boring” *TEARS* I wasn’t like this! Why couldn't I just feel better and live the adventurous life I always had as a child? What happened? Why could I not think clearly? (Brain fog was at a 10) Why was I always tired and sick? These symptoms forced me to stay in bed pretty much all day. I would sleep for hours upon hours throughout the day and if I wasn’t sleeping I was sitting listlessly with no life in me whatsoever! And you know what that meant? I wasn’t doing well in school. I could not apply myself because I was too exhausted and sick! I couldn't retain any of the information if I tried. (Believe me I tried!) I felt like a total and complete failure. I was missing out on life BIG TIME and I knew it….which resulted in deep depression, then anxiety and soon panic attacks. I felt trapped and I didn’t know how to get out! I was an emotional wreck and I shook all the time. I had no strength to support my body in any way. My nerves were shot. I am naturally petite...and since I had no appetite, didn’t drink hardly any liquids and slept 24/7 I wasted away to nothing. I was so thin, had no muscle mass and was pale as a ghost. We are talking DARK undereye circles - the kind you see in movies. That was me. My parents tried to get me active and outdoors but I would soon collapse in exhaustion and stagger back to my bed and sleep for the next three days utterly exhausted, never feeling rested. I didn’t know what a good night's sleep meant. I woke up feeling just as tired as I had felt when I went to bed the night before. I caught viruses easily and was sick all the time. My parents tried everything to try and help me. They bought all sorts of supplements over and over but either they didn’t work or I just could not stay consistent with it! Winter viruses were my worst fear because I knew I had no immune system and would be sick for so long (long after others got better in my family). My lungs were weak and breathing shallowly became a habit. My muscles hurt because they were cramped up and tight all the time. That also triggered stress headaches. OUCH! I have always had good eyesight...but there was now always a blurry film over my eyes. Loud noises would rattle me! It was terrible! I had absolutely no life. When a party came up that I wanted to go to or an event was coming up that I was excited about, I would plan to attend, but then as the event drew near just collapse in panic attacks and major anxiety! We are talking huddled in my bed, tight as can be, fists clamped shut and curled under me, eyes closed and reeling in panic. Then I would usually jump up and throw up! Then my body having lost all energy source would feel even worse after about 10 minutes because I had nothing in my stomach. However, I refused to eat for fear of throwing up again! My adrenals were nonexistent. Emotions were completely out of whack. When I was supposed to feel excited I felt panic. I would not eat for the entire time before we went to an event and would throw up every single time. I made myself sick! Throwing up was an attempt at relieving the incredible tension I felt, and I would again just be shaking and my teeth would be clenched tightly together. I was a wreck! I was also extremely constipated. (So bad and damaging to your system!) 
To face the truth, my body was dying. I didn’t eat much. I didn’t drink much, and I felt dead. My life was nothing. I had nothing to live for. But somewhere at the back of my mind there was that small tiny hope that one day I would be able to miraculously pull myself out of it somehow and begin living the life I always dreamed of. A life full of hiking, running, crazy acrobatics, sports, nature walks, horse riding (I’m a big time Horse Crazy Girl!) traveling, and be able to do it without hesitation. I DREAMED of it...but was giving up more and more. I was ready to quit so many times and had to remind myself, “You are more than this. You have to fight this. You are meant for so much more and you will find the answer. Just keep fighting.” There were so many tears. I wanted to quit! But something just kept me going. I don’t know what...It was most certainly a GOD thing. He kept me going. But I was drowning and didn’t have the strength to fight much longer. I didn’t see myself ever having kids because I shrank from the idea of passing on this sickness to my future children, and I didn’t want to be a mom who was always sick, could not spend any time with her children and invest in their lives. So basically I saw no future for myself. It was suffocating! Oh and did I mention I was highly allergic to the woods? Yes, that too! I could not go around any large amounts of wooded or shrub areas without coming home with an extremely swollen, red blotchy face.

THEN...August 2017, exactly 11 months ago, (Oh my goodness...the tears of joy and relief, you guys! It’s unexplainable!) I was introduced to a set of natural supplements that CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!! I was given a second chance at life. TRULY! Over a period of time I started getting better! (One month in was when I began seeing BIG changes) I began staying hydrated. My appetite returned in full force. I had energy all day. I slept like a baby. My anxiety and panic attacks disappeared completely. I was eliminating regularly, I was highly active and now able to join in with my family and be the “fun sister” again. You have no idea how wonderful that felt! No more making excuses...I could do everything they could now and it was an incredible feeling! I was active in sports again, I put on muscle and fat…(the good kind that means when I fell or knocked into something I wasn’t seriously injured like before...I bounced back! ) hair which before was thin, straggly and never grew began to grow at a rapid rate! My skin was like a young girl again and not dry and flaky. I could work outdoors in the heat (I live in Alabama and anyone who has been here understands the humidity intensity) all day long and be perfectly fine! That goes for the cold months of the year as well. I stayed warm! Imagine that! I didn’t have to wear 3 pairs of leggings under my jeans all the time to keep warm! (That really 5 pairs of socks and layers of thermal shirts….INSIDE...we are not even talking outdoors!!) These supplements helped me to go from the last one to wake up in the morning ….to the first one up and ready with plenty of energy to last the entire day! (I wish you could have seen my sister’s face! It was amazing!) I went from dreaming of dancing….to DANCING! I dance and sing all the time now! I can not explain this joy. You just have to experience it for yourself to understand! So that’s my story in short. Now, I am on a dedicated mission to find people who are in the same place I was and help them find the freedom I did. It’s possible! It really is!
I hope this encourages and inspires any who may be struggling as I was for all those years. There are options and it's not hopeless. I'm living my dream life because my parents pushed me to take a leap of faith and "try" something different. Now look at me! A whole new person from the inside out and living my best life.  If any of you are looking to find healing of your own (like I did) I can help you get started. Shoot me a message! I'd love to hear from you! Any and all questions are welcome.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meadowbrook Dog Show

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and the the children were all romping about on the lawn with their chosen canines on leashes (some homemade for lack of collars) when I had an idea. Why not have a dog show!!?!?! I already had the camera in hand and was searching for something to photograph so this was the perfect opportunity! In minutes we quickly set up some obstacles and set the show in motion.

Here were our entries: A tall blonde girl, proudly standing with her sleek, handsome German Shepard  (Totally "FOR THE WIN") and a slightly younger girl - with little curls pulled loosely into a ponytail - holding tightly to the overly large leash that was attached to her little brown dog who seemed more intent on sleeping then doing her best performance. 

The blonde began the show by parading beside her handsome canine toward the jumps with gusto....

While the little girl and her brown dog seemed to have a bit of trouble communicating as to which was the better idea, watching or competing!

After a moment we were struck with the bright idea of "treats" to coax the dogs through the obstacle courses. and as you can see, it worked beautifully! Suddenly the dogs were MORE then attentive and we even had an innocent bystander (who had no handler) join the show!

Look at that form! And just look at the serious face! I would give that a score of "7"!

Woohoo! He cleared that jump with half a foot to spare! I would give that an "8" for sure! 

Awwwwh, Savannah getting herself some puppy love. 

But then, against all odds the German Shepard shocked all those in attendance by going "off leash"!!!!! Wow! 

And there he goes, soaring effortlessly over the jump!  The German Shepard wins! Wow, what a show! First place to the German Shepard and his beautiful blonde owner! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

I turned 18! (Holiday Happenings in Review) me! Hahaha

Chase and myself before the party.

Just a little taste before everyone arrives.

My best friend for life. She's the best sister/BFF I could have ever asked for. 

The above picture was the result of much of this Its hard to get the camera to work when Papa is using it. Lol
I love this picture of us with Papa. Tugs at my heart strings in so many ways. 

Haha! Someone is anxious for the party to begin and to get herself some cake. 
Best buddies and mortal depends on the moment. Haha. Blake (3) and Cole (1).

"What in the world, Blake?" 


Chase and Blake, partners in crime. 

Wheww, look at those muscles! Sure makes a body feel safe around here. 

And now starts the beginning of the series I call...The Many Faces Of Emelie. Pic one. But I have a good excuse for this one...I was talking to Cole and that demands a lot of animation. 

Cole lovingly helped me open many of my presents this year. Since this year he experiences his very first Christmas he was officially taught how to open his own presents ..and he hasn't stopped. He gets so excited to see what is underneath the paper he won't even look at the camera! 

Love my baby brother so much. He is such a little character! 

Little brothers are the greatest......the majority of the time. heehee jk

The Many Faces of Emelie: Pic Two.  Lol!

I was so excited about this shirt! It is the perfect shade of red and so sparkly! Definitely a new favorite! 

The Many Faces Of Emelie: Pic Three. 

I truly wish I knew what was so funny?

Mmmmmm another birthday favorite! Thanks Mama and Papa.

Love them so much.

Blake and Aunt Beverly

Mmmmmm, I can just taste those juicy blueberries and fresh lemon all over again just looking at this picture! Yum, Yum did I ever tell you guys about my birthday cake?  *sigh* You guys have got to try it some time! I'll attach a link to the recipe HERE. And I agreed and still agree whole heartedly with Sally, that this cake is and was the best bit of sunshine I have tried this winter! Love, love,  love it! 

Haha,  the candles reflected off the camera and made little hearts! How cute! 

My beautiful Mama

This is a funny little tradition the younger ones enjoy doing every time a birthday comes around..they collect all the candles they can and stick them in their own slice of cake, relight them and blow them out repeatedly! Lol. They find so much joy in doing this! Me? I'm over there digging into my cake by this time. 

I was so surprised with this you can probably tell! Thank you Uncle Toby and Aunt Beverly,
It is one of my favorite necklaces now! 

Cutie Patootie resting in Papa's arms.

Her smile is absolutely contagious. (but hard to capture on film)
Aunt Beverly took a bunch of pictures from a different angle and from a different side of the room so you guys can get a better perspective.....and I'm so grateful to her for that! Is she awesome or what?!?
Lighting the cake! 

Blake made sure he had a hefty piece. lol

Opening a surprise gift! 

For those wondering, my birthday was back in December. Thus the Christmas tree in the background. I have been so behind in picture sorting that I am just finally getting around to my birthday pictures.

photo creds: Marissa

P.S  This post is the first of many to come this weekend that I have finally organized and captioned from the (sort of recent) holidays.